The Gathering @ Lindley Park

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Connect 4 is a vibrant group of young adults (18-30) who seek to connect with God in a deep and meaningful way by studying His word and actively applying His word through community projects, mission trips, and outreach. Connect 4 consists of a Sunday morning study in the basement area of the church (Andrew's Place) at 9:45am. This group has delved into the word of the Lord through series of study including the legacy of King David and the book of Revelations. This group also has been a part of several outings including buying and delivering Christmas presents for local children, Cook-out nights, and Corn Maze outings.

Connect 4 also meets on Wednesday nights at 6:45pm in the upstairs youth room. This group combines with the youth of our church to engage in exciting discussions and activities based around an exciting series (recently we finished our Star Wars series and Lord of the Rings series). This group heavily focuses on outreach and consistently goes into the community through missions such as delivering snacks and drinks to folks in the waiting areas of hospitals (Cooler Ministry), providing clothes and necessities for the homeless people in the Downtown Greensboro area, engaging in fundraisers for local, national, and global charities, and going on an annual mission trip to an area of high need. Connect 4 seeks to provide a space in which young adults may come and feel accepted, feel invigorated by the spirit, and encouraged to step out into the world as disciples of Christ.

Lindley Park Baptist Church • 4010 Walker Ave. • Greensboro, NC 27403 • (336) 292 - 5761